MAGA Americans Beware: Conservative ‘Deprogramming’ Is Coming

They cannot stand other people’s opinions. They cannot be let you live. The people who have them must be found and targeted. All must give in before the altar of anti-white progressivism. If you can’t do this, you must destroy them or get them deprogramed them. That is what Washington Post reporters Nikole Hannah-Jones and Eugene Robinson asked for yesterday.

Americans who support Donald Trump are supposedly mentally defective, so they have to get deprogrammed. What does this mean? Sounds like something Stalinist to me. It also seems like something the Chinese Revolution would do. Those who do not think what we think are going off to the camps. It’s not anything new. It only exposes the extreme nature of the anti-white Left. There can be no alterations. ALL must give in to the liberal narrative. You must take this stance on the issue or risk your own annihilation. Ever ask why so many policies are mandatory? They don’t care to convince you, partially due to most voters knowing that what liberals offer is complete trash. That’s why you are forced to do these things as though there is a gun at your head.

‘Our policies are so great…they are mandatory.’

MSNBC show host Mika Brzezinski also went for the so-called cult leaders alleging that they should get deprogrammed. She went off about how their supposed dangerous talk about the coronvirus vaccine might have led to people dying. I don’t know. We have said so many times that these experts have planted seeds of doubt in Americans about vaccination.

I believe people should get vaccinated, but it is still your choice. The Americans who want to avoid the jab will not hear outrage from me. Sorry, I am vaccinated. I already had and got over coronavirus.

Vaccine resisters are not always Trump supporters, nor are they majority conservative. Also, many of these religious organizations the media likes to label as ignorant were already supporting the shots by May.

If I can deal with the nonsense pushed by Democrats, Ilhan Omar, Biden, and even Antifa, then surely liberal leaders and media lackeys can deal with people who support gun rights, freedom of speech, lower taxes, less government, job creation, and pulling the country out of foreign conflict quagmires abroad. Is this so hard?

Author: Blake Ambrose