Lindsey Graham Sends Democrats In a Tailspin With Blatant Threats

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) suggested during his Fox News interview this Sunday that the Senate GOP should leave D.C., if Democrats attempt to force through a $3.5 trillion program that many people understand is a liberal wish list that has nothing to do with infrastructure.

“But before Republicans attack Democrats from Texas for leaving Texas, if they do pass this budget resolution, to get that bill to the U.S. Senate, the $3.5 trillion program, you must have a quorum to enact the bill within the Senate,” Graham stated. “I would leave the city before I’d allow that to happen. So to my colleagues, we should learn a thing or two from the Texan Democrats, when it involves avoiding a $3.5 trillion tax and spending package, leave the city.”

“Wow. So, you see the Democrats go and you are saying ok, they were effective in not allowing the Republicans a quorum,” Maria Bartiromo asked. “You will do the same thing about the $3.5 trillion spending?”

“Hey, VP Harris, if you believe these Democrats are heroes, well if that’s the case I expect you to be there to pat Republicans on the back,” Graham stated. “Hell yeah I’d go. I will use everything I lawfully can to stop rampant inflation. A $3.5 trillion program that has no connection to infrastructure, which is a socialist left tax and spend dream. If it requires me not showing up to prevent it, I will do it. Because if we enact that bill, you are going to have inflation go sky-high. And if they put legalizing illegals in that bill, you will have a total run on the border, it will be tossing jet fuel on the disaster called open borders, it would trigger a flood of illegals if we include amnesty in the $3.5 trillion bill, so I will do anything to stop it.”

This comes at a time with America’s southern border is going through a massive surge of illegal immigration as Biden’s lacking border security attracts people from South America and the rest of the world. The White House has shown no sign of slowing down this flooding of illegals into America.

Author: Steven Sinclaire