Liberals Scramble As Vaccine Mandate Creates Medical Crisis

Americans will continue to fight over Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Although the order has yet to be implemented, many conservative states and businesses have promised to sue. But in states across American, governors have already issued strike vaccine requirements for a variety of businesses.

One of the first was New York. Disgraced former governor, Andrew Cuomo, issued a vaccine mandate for medical workers in all of their hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities. The current governor upheld this mandate, despite widespread protest and warnings. Already, thousands of medical staff have quit their jobs—and the mandate hasn’t even gone into effect yet.

Now, the state might take drastic measures, to keep their hospitals open.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) on Monday reiterated her intent to likely deploy the National Guard to supplement staff at hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities seeing shortages due to the state’s order mandating all employees be vaccinated, lest they be suspended or fired…

More than an estimated 100,000-plus health care workers remain unvaccinated as the order takes effect on facilities already facing a nursing shortage.

News 8 WROC noted that the dictate doesn’t just apply to doctors and nurses, “but also to others who work in health care institutions, like food service workers, administrators and cleaners.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Hochul is mulling deploying the National Guard with medical training to make up for the possible hundreds of thousands of staff who are about to lose their jobs. Hmm… something about this plan sounds unsustainable to me.

The National Guard in New York might have several thousand members. Will that be enough to cover what is sure to be a shocking drop in employees? I doubt it. And just because some National Guard troops have “medical training,” it does not mean they are equipped to do the work of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other specialists.

What about the doctors who quit in protest? What about the many staff who work in other areas, like food service, administration, and cleaning? Is Hochul going to ask guardsmen to mop floors and file paperwork at a hospital?

Clearly, this is a desperate and unthought-out move by a stubborn Democrat who refuses to admit she is wrong. The guardsman can’t be there forever. What does she think is going to happen? The real staff will magically decide to get vaccinated and come back begging for their jobs? Of course not. They will join the thousands of New Yorkers who have already moved away, to get a job in a state that is not demanding they get a vaccine.

There is only one way this situation ends, Hochul (or the courts) drops the mandate. There is no way she can fill the massive gap left behind. But in the meantime, the state will suffer from significant medical shortages, perhaps for months. How many New Yorkers will suffer a drop in care, because this idiot governor refused to do the right thing?

Author: Maxwell Jones