Liberals Release Home Addresses Of MAGA Supporters — Make Them Targets

Liberal activists are compiling a database to find and target organizations that hire former Trump aids and supporters in the attempt to make these people bankrupt and unable to provide for their families.

“Federal office does not equal private employment. And businesses should not reward the actions of the Trump administration with the routine hiring of former DC officials that usually happens moments after a transition,” the Campaign Against Corporate Complicity stated in their announcement of their existence.

This new attack group plans to incite digital mobs to harass companies into refusing to hire former Trump officials. The CACC is being created as a joint project of American Oversight and Accountable.US.

They will be very focused on going after immigration officers who enacted Trump’s border policies. Former DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, Trump adviser Stephen Miller and Secretary David Bernhardt are all on the top of the organization’s attack list.

“As officials leave DC, we know they will arrive at corporate America,” American Oversight leader Austin Evers said to reporters.

“The people these businesses hire are a reflection of their company values. If they hire former Trump officials that tried to violate our laws, they are agreeing with these cruel and disgusting policies,” Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig claimed in a message.

While American Oversight says it is nonpartisan, the group is filled with DNC crooks who are long time swamp members. One American Oversight member, Caroline Fredrickson is a lawyer with NARAL Pro-Choice America who previously worked as chief of staff for leading Democrat senators. 

Accountable.US has even worse connections to ruthless globalists. Its founder, Kyle Herrig, was formerly a top official at the New Venture Fund. The New Venture Fund has raked in millions from globalist organizations like the Hewlett Foundation along with the Ford Foundation. But even more telling, they also got an incredible $94 million from the controversial Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The New Venture Fund is behind organizations such as the Campus Vote Project, which put BLM thugs in place as election workers to organize DNC rigging operations. It is shadowy VC organizations like the New Venture Fund that channel money into these subversive liberal extremist groups.

It seems Democrats will only let America be “unified” under their totalitarian and ruthless boot.