Liberals Push “White Accountability Groups” Across The Nation

The Washington Post is getting pushback after it ran footage enticing Americans into participating in “white accountability groups” and “force themselves into ‘a time of deep shame’ for their race,'” it was revealed this week.

The 5-minute footage called, “What is White identity?” had mental health “experts” who spoke about ways for white people to understand “your whiteness and how white supremacy helps you.”

The footage, the most recent in a series called, “The New Normal” and which was aired last week, explores the anti-white agenda of white Americans coming together to create white privilege accountability meetings to shame themselves for being white.

Host Nicole Ellis spoke about the topic with Resmaa Manakem — a “trauma specialist” — who stated that such gatherings should happen over a time of years for white people to grasp what it means to be black in this country.

“An antiracist culture is not there among whites., Manakem said. “Whites need to start forming together concerning race.” He also pushed the idea that such groups should get together and discuss their identities for a time of at least five years.

Ilyse Kennedy, who is a trauma therapist, said she personally worked on catharsis, and said this was needed for whites to have a “time of deep shame.”

Kennedy then said that members of these types of groups must acknowledge “the harm our ancestors have done.”

What have people said in response?

Christopher Rufo, fellow at the Manhattan Institute, slammed the video and tweeted, “I am fighting against racial supremacy; the Washington Post seeks to install it nationwide.”

He said, “The game they want is a non-racial category (“whiteness”), which they can impose onto individuals through shame and indoctrination. This approach is malicious.”

“This is a very bizarre pseudoreligious movement that will do more harm than good., Jesse Singal, podcaster, said.

The truth is, this group represents an anti-white movement dedicated to brainwashing and psychologically harming white Americans in order to achieve their political objectives.

Author: Scott Dowdy