Liberals Panic After Musk Tries to Buy Twitter, Floats ‘Plan B’

The sage of Elon Musk and Twitter keeps getting fascinating. The man shook the Internet when he spent $2 billion to buy 9% of the company’s stock. The board quickly moved to recruit him, to block him from buying more. Musk rejected the offer, giving rise to speculation that he planned a hostile takeover.

This week, we found out that Musk is willing to spend over $40 billion to buy the company entirely. That would mean major changes to the social network known for censorship and “woke” ideology. We aren’t sure if his proposal will be accepted by the company (although he’s offering a much higher price for the stock). But we do know that leftists are already mourning Twitter potentially becoming a free speech platform.

Liberals, progressives, and establishment pundits were in meltdown mode this morning after billionaire SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, stated his intention to buy 100 percent of Twitter, transform it into a private company, and restore free speech on the platform…

Notorious neoconservative warmonger and diehard NeverTrump pundit Max Boot repeated what is likely to be a recurring argument from establishment mouthpieces: that free speech is dangerous to democracy, and that content moderation (censorship) is actually real freedom…

Progressive author and Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf threatened to quit the platform if Elon Musk took over. “We are the assets of Twitter,” declared the man behind the 260,000-follower account.

Gun control advocate Fred Guttenberg said he wouldn’t buy any Tesla cars because of the CEO’s pro-free speech stance. “People buying his cars are not your likely Trump voters,” said Guttenberg. [Source: Breitbart]

Morons. Bitter little liberal babies were whining online over the prospect of an innovative, ground-breaking businessman taking over a stale, failing social platform like Twitter. They threw around wild accusations, none of which are grounded in reality. Some accused Musk of being racist because, of course they would.

The real reason they are upset is they fear Twitter, under Musk, would actually protect free speech. That includes the speech of people these leftists have spent years trying to silence and destroy. Twitter is the main avenue for cancel culture. But if it ends up allowing anyone to speech, then liberals will no longer be allowed to spew their hateful garbage, free of consequence.

We all know that Twitter routinely bans conservatives and free thinkers for defying the radical left. But liberals are allowed to say the most vile things on the platform (including death threats and threats of violence) with no penalty. But if Musk turns Twitter into a free speech platform, with transparent rules everyone must follow…

Then these spoiled little Marxists will no longer be able to crap all over the country.

They’re panicking because they are losing. Even if Musk can’t buy Twitter, their days of spreading hate and cancel culture are coming to a swift end.

Elon Musk revealed during a TED Talk on Thursday afternoon that he has a backup plan if Twitter rejects his bid to buy the company.

“If in this case you are not successful in that the board does not accept your offer, you’ve said you won’t go higher, is there a plan B?” Musk was asked.

“There is,” Musk responded while smiling.

When asked what his backup plan is, Musk said he would discuss that at another time. [Source: Daily Wire]

Even if Musk doesn’t buy Twitter, something is about to change. He might launch his own free speech platform. Or buy another social media giant. Or otherwise make changes that can upset the toxic, leftist environment online. Liberals will have to accept the fact that other people can have their own ideas—and spread them freely.

Author: Moe Blow