Liberals Lose It As Vigilante Republicans Infiltrate Their School Board

It’s no secret that Democrats are doing everything in their power to force their agenda onto the country. And the place they start is at the schools. If they can brainwash our kids into believing their leftist garbage at an early age, then they can ensure students will be voting Democrat for the rest of their lives.

That’s why Democrats fight so hard to control school boards, dominate teacher’s unions, and decide the curriculum from Pre-K to college. It’s the same reason they slander homeschooling and charter schools so much. Not only do they lose money when parents take ownership of their kids’ educations, but it deprives them of vulnerable minds to warp.

The latest attempt to bamboozle and divide Americans is with the woke garbage known as “critical race theory.” This ideology has nothing to do with Civil Rights, equality, or confronting racism. It is a radical set of ideas that are embraced by divisive groups like Black Lives Matter, which largely targets white Americans as villains (not to mention distort our Judeo-Christian history and heritage).

In one Texas city, Democrats are planning on taking over the school board and forcing this toxic curriculum onto the students. But, it turns out, Americans hate critical race theory as much as they hate Hillary Clinton. Because voters sent those Dems packing.

Republicans in Southlake, Texas, a community northwest of Dallas, swept local elections and took over the school board as voters rebelled against a proposal to instate critical race theory in school curriculum…

Republicans blew out Democrats by a roughly 70% to 30% margin to take two spots and control of the Carroll Independent School District board, two city council seats, and the Southlake mayor’s seat. The election results, finalized Sunday, showed a ballooning voter turnout about 3-times larger than past local elections…

“By a landslide vote, they don’t want racially divisive critical race theory taught to their children or forced on their teachers. Voters agreed with my positive vision of our community and its future.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It seems, when given a chance, Americans will always reject radical liberal policies, hands down. Americans aren’t on board with policies that drive up taxes, increase poverty, endanger communities, or spread “woke” divisiveness.

The only time Democrats are able to spread their poison is when Americans don’t have a chance to fight back. They campaign on empty promises, tricking voters into thinking they have their best interests at heart. But once in office, they ram through an agenda nobody wants. If voters knew exactly what Democrats had planned, they’d never vote for them.

That’s also why Democrats often use the courts to get their way. They know most of their far-left, socialist ideas would turn off Americans. (After all, why would Americans vote for policies that drive jobs overseas, increase illegal immigration, or deprive us of our rights?) So, Democrats rely on a handful of activist judges to force their plans through.

This election shows us that Americans, when given a chance, will vote down the left’s woke garbage without a second thought. Most Americans are smart enough to realize that critical race theory brings more hate and racism. It does not unite—and it’s not even remotely accurate.

Let’s hope this trend spreads to more cities.

Author: Maxwell Anderson