Liberals Hilariously Go To War With Themselves

The University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas, who was born male but “identifies” as a woman, attracted furious criticism from a group of feminists last week during the NCAA women’s swimming championships. Many of the feminists claimed that they had previously supported the Democratic Party. They were shocked, however, because they believe that the Democrats have abandoned women and girls.

Outside of Georgia Tech’s athletic facility in Atlanta, Georgia, a “coalition that fights to preserve sex-based eligibility for female sports” organized a demonstration. Amy E. Sousa, a self-described “engaged embodiment expert” and “radical feminist,” expressed her disappointment with the Democratic Party.

“I am a lifelong registered Dem who now feels politically homeless,” Sousa stated. “With the whole Biden election last year, I started to feel more alienated from the Democrats, and I began to believe they didn’t represent my ideas or views.”

“Feminism has gotten so convoluted, much like the term Democrat,” Sousa stated. “It’s almost devoid of meaning.”

A similar experience was shared by Save Women’s Sports supporter Paul Sousa.

The feminist said, “I was previously a liberal. I’d call myself politically homeless today because I don’t believe the Democrats care about women and girls.”

Another Save Women’s Sports member stated that progressives pushed her away from the Democratic Party because of her opinions regarding biological males competing against ladies.

“I’ve always voted as a liberal,” a feminist declared. “From the time I was 18 to that day when I joined the Democratic Party, I have voted as a progressive.”

“They want to put men in jail and on sports teams, so that is why I decided I cannot be in this party anymore — it doesn’t even acknowledge my sexual class,” the feminist announced.

“I’ve known a lot of historically progressive individuals, particularly parents, who have felt compelled to leave the Democratic Party,” one feminist said. “I don’t know who they’ll be voting for in the next election. I believe we’re going to see a lot of people walk away.”

Others have spoken out against Thomas competing in the women’s NCAA swimming championships. Last week, Kellie-Jay Keen – head of Standing for Women – went viral after brilliantly demolishing a pro-trans argument.

On Thursday, Thomas — who is biologically male but identifies as a woman — won the women’s 500-yard freestyle race at the NCAA meet with the fastest time of the year. When Thomas went up to accept his award, several people in the crowd were booing.

Author: Blake Ambrose