Liberals And Conservatives Team Up To Take On The New President

It’s only been a week since Joe Biden entered office and already Democrats are feeling buyer’s remorse. Hey idiots! We told you this was going to happen.

Joe Biden has already fumbled on numerous issues. His attacks on oil and fossil fuels have already cost Americans 11,000 jobs. Labor unions that once sung his praises are now fuming with rage. It seems like he’s already screwing up the COVID vaccination rollout, sparking the criticism of the media and other groups.

Now, it seems like he’s got feminist hopping mad. Because an executive order meant to appease transgenders has unfairly targeted women. And both liberals and conservatives are attacking old Joe.

#BidenErasedWomen is the hashtag vocal feminist groups such as Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) are using to urge their members to object to what they view as Biden’s “unprecedented attack on women’s rights and liberty for everybody.”

Jo Bartosch, a UK journalist who is “campaigning for the rights of women and girls” wrote at that Biden has set off his own “war on women,” which the left is attempting to dismiss as they fawn over the fact he is not Donald Trump…

Conservative activist Gary Bauer, of the Campaign for Working Families, wrote Monday about the irony of election polls showing “young women voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.”

“And his response to those young women was to issue an executive order that may well eliminate women’s sports as a place for young women to excel,” he said. [Source: Breitbart]

Ah, how remarkable. Feminists and activists are discovering that Joe Biden was, indeed, not their ally. The irony would be delicious, if this didn’t have such a detrimental impact on America’s women and girls.

Democrats who called conservative Texas and Florida the “craziest states” are forced to admit we are doing more for Americans than their own party. Oh, that’s the “world gone upside down”? Maybe you should have been paying attention over the last ten years!

What these feminists and labor unions and other activists don’t realize is that their party long ago abandoned what values they once held. Democrats are the party of “power by any means necessary.” They don’t really care about helping women, gays, minorities, or Muslims. Not really. Not if there is another group they can pander to that will give them what they want.

Only now are these women’s’ groups realizing that Joe Biden does not have their best interests at heart. And that—gasp!—a man like Donald Trump was actually doing good for America’s women.

Hey Democrats, you stayed silent while Biden and his crooks took over the government. You refused to listen when we warned you again and again.

You shouldn’t be surprised now.