Liberal Organizations Make America More Violent, Guess Who’s Behind Them?

The nation’s top jailbreak organizations, which have financial connections to billionaires George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, who have more than a combined $86 billion, are lobbying NY lawmakers to protect the state’s “bail reform” procedures, which assist keep accused criminals out of prison.

Andrew Cuomo (D), who is now governor of New York, backed bail reform measures that allow people charged with 2nd degree manslaughter, child sex crimes, criminally negligent homicide, and making terroristic threats to walk free from jail without having to pay bail.

In addition, the city of New York’s Supervised Release Program allows thousands of criminals to be freed from jail without having to pay bail or be under the supervision of social workers.

Due to this change, crime in New York City has skyrocketed. Despite a decrease in murders compared to the same period last year, rapes have gone up by 24 percent, robberies have gone up 46 percent, grand larceny has risen by nearly 60%, and transit crimes have gone up more than 70%.

“The most significant city on the planet has become the laughing stock of the world. And our city’s dysfunctionality has spilled over into all of America,” Mayor Adams (D) said to a gathering of hundreds of NYPD personnel this week.

“Don’t let anybody break your spirit, tell you that New Yorkers don’t appreciate the police force,” Adams said. “They tell me, ‘Protect our police.’ I tune out the noise. . . . The people of their city want their city back.”

The Soros-connected Center for American Progress, along with the Center for Popular Democracy, United We Dream, and MoveOn, and Zuckerberg-backed, are lobbying New York legislators to oppose any amendments to bail reform legislation.

“We are extremely disturbed by recent proposals from Governor Kathy Hochul to expand incarceration and racial disparities, as well as undo years of effort to end the criminalization of poverty and children,” according to a letter signed by over a dozen of these jailbreak organizations.

NYPD Commissioner Jane Borody Shea has also called on lawmakers to swiftly modify the bail reform legislation, saying it is to blame for the dramatic rise in crime.

Author: Steven Sinclaire