Liberal Media Puts Next Pandemic On The Schedule

NBC host Chuck Todd stated this Sunday on “Meet the Press” that many people believe it to be “inevitable” that we will experience more pandemics in the future due to “climate change.”

Todd said, “When you imagine about unfortunately preparing for all of this again, I know a lot of people who believe that because of climate change and globalization in general, it is inevitable that we will have more and more viruses such as this. The biggest lesson you will take away to prepare for the next one?”

Dr. Anthony Fauci responded, “There are a couple of lessons, public health-wise, let’s take global to start with.

“We must have a better global health network so we can communicate to each other and know what is going on. We also must have more scientific investment. If you want to look at success stories in this horrible year, has been the extraordinary advance with the vaccines. In January of last year, we started the process, and 11 months after, vaccines were going into the arms of people. Keep the science going, keep supporting the public health infrastructure, and stay global in our interactions.”