Liberal Media Makes Disgusting Trump Comparison

ABC News anchor Terry Moran has compared former President Trump’s control over the GOP to a “Fuhrer” during his coverage of the second impeachment trial of the former president.

Moran said, “Whatever you believe, they have rose to the occasion. This is history, a catastrophe against our Democracy, and the preparation that the Democratic House managers of this impeachment trial have made, their case is organized and they are hitting the patriotism and the emotions of the riot itself, and completing that with a trail leading to Donald Trump from the attack. That’s their challenge.”

“As for the constitutional issue, there are two Senate opinions, one in the 19th Century and a modern one, concerning impeachments for someone after leaving office,” he said. “That is like arguing a case between Brown vs. Board of Education. And these Senators are the deciders in this instance.”

Moran went on, “Whatever the foundation of this argument, whatever the truth is, I think we witnessed in these videos that were played, ‘Fight for Trump, fight for Trump, fight for Trump.’ He has the GOP as a personalized power like we have never seen. It’s a Caudillo, a Caesar, it’s like a Fuhrer. We have never seen that in America. We have now.”