Liberal Mayor Changes Views On Protests — Practically Overnight

Source: Flickr

Although Democrats are hoping recent history has erased your memory, hopefully you haven’t forgotten which party is really embracing protests and riots. The day after Trump won the election in 2016, MoveOn staged protests across America. Soon after, the DisruptJ20 was formed, a group that staged a protest on January 20, 2017. Its goal? To literally stop Donald Trump from entering office.

Over the next four years, it became commonplace to hear about wild protests by leftists all across America. Often, they tried to interfere with peaceful, conservative demonstrations, starting violence. The worst was the Summer of 2020, when BLM and Antifa rioted, looted, and burned down numerous blue cities.

All the while, the Democratic establishment ignored the violence—or even praised it as an expression of American liberty.

But soon after the events of January 6, 2021, the left is suddenly against protests. Now that a Democrat is entering the White House, Democrats feel that assembling to protest—be it peaceful or otherwise—is just too much for a city to handle. After letting Democrats rampage for four years, they want to shut down this First Amendment right.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked the Department of Homeland Security to revoke protest permits around the upcoming inauguration and to issue a “pre-disaster declaration” that would expedite federal emergency funding should a crisis occur.

On Sunday evening, Bowser, a Democrat, tweeted the letter she sent to acting DHS Security Chad Wolf that also requests increased Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance during Democrat Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 presidential inauguration event…

Several protest events, including a “Million Militia March” have been planned for the days surrounding Biden’s inauguration. Some in the nation’s capitol have begun urging their neighbors to cease offering short-term rental properties to individuals arriving over the next several days for the inauguration, to limit the influx of protesters into the region. [Source: Just the News]

How interesting. When DisruptJ20 openly announced they were trying to shut down the inauguration, no Democrat said boo. That protest went on to destroy property around the city. It didn’t seem that Democrats were all that worried about the dangers, back then. I wonder what the difference is?

Liberals have turned a blind eye to far-left protesting for years. They all but encouraged it or made excuses for Antifa and other groups. But this isn’t even the first time they’ve tried to shut down conservative demonstrations. Often, when conservatives tried to host free speech rallies, they were hit with bogus limitations from city officials. Trump rallies were forced to pay huge “security” fees right before an event, costing upwards of $50,000.

And that’s not even mentioning how leftists would show up to physically confront conservatives.

Today, Democrats want to shut down peaceful assemblies, claiming it’s for our “safety.” Remember when they said that about lockdowns (which led to more deaths, O.D.’s, and suicides)?

I can’t say for certain if the “Million Militia March” or any other planned event will remain peaceful. They most certainly should. But Americans have the right to peacefully assemble to voice their views. Everywhere we look, Democrats are trying to stop that.

In the end, though, they are going to fail.