Liberal City Comes To Its Senses After Socialist Leader Destroys Everything

Perhaps the best example of Democratic leadership out of control is in Communist California.

This once prosperous, vibrant state has been suffering for years, as an out-of-control Democrat government pushes radical policies. The most extreme leftist nonsense is coming out of the “Golden State.” Far-left ideas that are taking root in other parts of the country (including pro-homelessness policy, legalized drug addiction, expanding the welfare state, and punishing cops) have come from CA.

For a long time, Americans watched in stupor as the rich, arrogant, elite liberals of California, most notably Los Angeles, sat back and let socialist-leaning Democrats destroy their state. LA has suffered the most, with its downtown completely overrun by homeless shanty towns and crime.

Clearly, something major has to happen to restore California to its once, desirable position. And that just might be happening soon. Because one radical city council member could be hitting the bricks.

The Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk announced on Friday that a petition to recall a socialist elected to the City Council in November has been approved for circulation.

Councilwoman Nithya Raman, 39, told Jacobin magazine last year that she is “a member” of the Democratic Socialists of America locally. She reportedly said, “pretty much my entire platform very much overlaps with what DSA has been fighting for here in L.A.”…

A campaign committee formed in May served her with a recall notice outside of her home on June 9, less than six months after Raman took office. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the committee argued that Raman’s office is inexperienced, unresponsive and too politically radical for her constituents to endure a full four-year term.”

She campaigned on far-left policies like defunding police departments. [Source: Daily Wire]

You can only abuse a dog for so long before it bites back. And it looks like at least some of the folks in LA are starting to reconsider the city’s slide into leftist hell.

Nithya Raman is openly socialist. She made no qualms about supporting radical policies that align with a Marxist agenda. Socialist apparently want policies that destroy communities with rising crime, rampant homelessness, a decline in jobs and wages, and endless protests that destroy property.

Why? Because they are socialists. They hate capitalism and private wealth and think the government should run everything. So, when they come to power, they install policies that create chaos and instability, so the government can gain the upper hand.

People vote for them, thinking they’ll just give out more food stamps to the poor. Voters are completely blind to their real agenda: the transformation of the United States into the Soviet Union.

It’s pretty outrageous when you think about it. Raman openly called herself a socialist (whose goals aligned with destroying private wealth), yet these rich people still voted for her.

The silver lining is that they want to get rid of her now, not in four years. That’s so she can do as little damage as possible.

It’s unclear if this recall will gain any traction. But by my estimation, CA needs hundreds more recalls before they can right the ship. Just about every Democrat in office needs to go.

Author: Peter Anderson