‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is Now More Popular Than Joe Biden

Crowds across the country have been shouting their anger against Joe Biden for months now. Fans at sporting events, being ignored by the White House, have resorted to cursing his name. It became so common and so widespread, that the liberal media desperately tried to cover it up. During one post-game interview, the reporter claimed they were saying “Let’s Go Brandon.”

And a new anthem was born.

“Let’s Go Brandon” has become a code phrase for “F*** Joe Biden.” Long gone are the innocent days of “Thanks Obama,” a clever jab at the failures of the last Democratic president. What was once mild annoyance has become full-blown rage, at a man who is blissfully unaware of the fallout of his toxic policies.

But the more the White House ignores Americans, the stronger the protest becomes. Now, a new poll reveals just how popular this mantra has become.

More than half of likely U.S. voters are now familiar with “Let’s Go Brandon,” the euphemistic chant for a more profane President Biden putdown increasingly heard at sporting events across the country, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Among respondents, 57.7% said they have heard of the chant, which sounds a lot like “F-ck Joe Biden,” according to the poll by the Convention of States Action and pollsters the Trafalgar Group.

More Republicans (73.6%) than Democrats (38.9%) were familiar with the chant, but 62.6% of Independents/Other knew about the recent phenomenon. [Source: Just the News]

Oh, give me a break. Those Democrats know exactly what “Let’s Go Brandon” means. They just don’t want to admit that this chant is becoming so popular—tarnishing the man they put into the White House.

What’s so hilarious about this is that this chant has a higher approval rating than Joe Biden himself! Joe’s approval is hovering around the low 40s, reaching as low as 36% in one recent poll. But 57.7% of Americans know about this chant and fifty-nine percent think it’s an appropriate way to protest the administration.

Biden can only dream of those kinds of numbers, these days. But he shouldn’t be surprised. Nothing Biden has done in his first year has actually helped the country. The one legislative achievement he landed, the “stimulus” bill from earlier in the year, created the inflation crisis we are dealing with today. Since then, Biden has done nothing to help the country.

When he’s not hiding from the public, he makes short appearances where he refuses questions. Costs are going up, jobs are going down, and millions of migrants are flooding the country. Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction by staggering numbers. Are we surprised that the only way they can vent their frustrations is by chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”?

If this were a real administration, run by real leaders, they would have made course corrections months ago. But this is a fake administration, run by leftists and corporate lobbyists, with a puppet in the Oval Office (when he’s not using his TV office set).

Author: Tim Smith