Leftists Rage as Battleground Secures Elections With New Law

Georgia was one of many ground zeroes in the 2020 Election which revealed the flaws in how states collected and counted their votes. We all know that last-minute changes to state election laws created irregularities that were exploited and rife for fraud. In the conservative state of Georgia, Democrats gained the upper hand, while state Republicans did nothing to fight back.

With the dust settled on a brutal and miserable 2020 outcome, the state has been forced to lick its wounds and make changes. How can Republicans ensure leftists don’t steal another election in the Peach State?

The solutions are pretty simple, but in many places, lawmakers refuse to enact them. But Georgia’s state leaders have finally buckled down and passed a bill that would close a variety of holes that can skew an election. And the governor just signed it into law.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) has signed an election bill that would strengthen voting rules in the Peach State by limiting the number of ballot drop boxes and establishing photo ID requirements for absentee voters, among other things…

As reported by the Hill, the bill will “require voters to provide a driver’s license or state-issued ID card number to request and submit absentee ballots, and it would curtail the use of ballot drop boxes, limiting their placement to early-voting locations and making them accessible only while the precinct is open.” [Source: Breitbart]

Another good bit of this law? The state elections board will have the power to take over a county’s election board, when it becomes clear they have no idea what they are doing. They have already removed Georgia’s Secretary of State—the incompetent RINO Brad Raffensperger—as chair of the State Elections Board.

Already Democrats are panicking over this law. The left frequently claims that voter ID requirements are meant to suppress minority voting. Of course, they never seem to be able to prove how that is possible. And their assertions suggest that minorities can’t get a valid ID. Which, of course, is a racist accusation that makes no sense.

What this law does do is ensure that people have to prove their identity when requesting an absentee ballot and submitting it. It will prevent a fraudster from stealing someone else’s ballot. The limit to drop boxes further prevents activists from “stuffing the ballot box” with fraudulent voters, as absentee ballots will have to be submitted in person instead (with valid ID).

Democrats upset right now are simply watching their chances to cheat in future elections vanish. People of all races and backgrounds can still legally vote. Nothing has changed, except massive flaws that allowed for fraud.

The left is having a hard time explaining why no ID, drop boxes with no supervision, and no means of validating ballots, are actually good for our democracy. They want us to blindly accept that all ballots, even unsigned, questionable ones, are legitimate.

But they, as usual, are coming up empty.