Leftists Do Their Worst Against Ron DeSantis – Instantly Regret It

It seems like Democrats have it out for Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Apparently, liberals hate a man that has successfully led the state out of the pandemic and has overseen tremendous growth. For years, they’ve launched petty and dishonest attacks against him and his family. But the latest show just how utterly cruel and inhuman the left has become.

Recently, liberals online criticized DeSantis for being “missing” one day in December. They accused him of being on vacation during a COVID “surge.” As it turns out, the governor was with his wife—who was receiving cancer treatments. Did these leftists apologize? Nope! They continued to attack him and his family.

Now, one leftist account is trying to criticize the governor over his family photos. The pathetic attack, however, is not going well.

An account with nearly half a million followers called PatriotTakes, which is partnered with leftist group MeidasTouch Media, posted screenshots of DeSantis using his family photos for different social media posts…

“After posting two week old photos while Ron DeSantis was MIA, we have now discovered that DeSantis has been recycling the same family shoot photos for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. DeSantis is a phony,” PatriotTakes wrote in a follow-up tweet. [Source: Daily Wire]

Yup, that is the scandal, that DeSantis used photos from the same shoot for three holidays. Uh… so what? No, this is not a parody account, but an actual group of leftists that tries to criticize or “expose” Republicans in office. And this is the best they can come up with against Gov. DeSantis. People were quick to roast this group of liberals.

“Ron will never recover from this,” posted Twitter account Matt’s Idea Shop…

“You know why our family took our Christmas Card 2020 photo in September? Because I had cancer and we knew I’d look like hell in a month. These people are idiots and ghouls,” commented Michael Caputo…

Lauren Chen wrote, “I know this may seem strange to some on Twitter,” adding, “But occasionally, a day warrants more than one photo.”

“This is devastating,” CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham posted. [Source: Daily Wire]

How low will Democrats go in their quest to smear Republicans? They’ve already tarnished their reputation when they attacked a man and his sick wife. Are they really trying to criticize him for using similar photos?

This is all par for the course for the left, these days. They mocked Brett Kavanaugh’s daughter, who said she was praying for the woman attacking her father. They routinely insulted First Lady Melania Trump, despite her sterling reputation and accomplishments. They even went after Trump’s son, Barron, who was still in school.

Nobody on the left ever calls out these disgusting attacks. If a Republican had done the same against the young family of a Democrat, they’d be shamed into apologizing. But time and again, leftists get free rein to slander, insult, and mock hard-working families, just because there is an “R” at the end of their names.

It’s high time this charade is put to an end.

Author: Sam Jones