Leftist Melts Down Over Musk Takeover, Makes Hottest Take Yet

It is often said that when you run out of good arguments, you resort to insults. If that’s true, the left’s been out of good arguments for a long time. Whenever things don’t go the way of the woke mob, they tend to lash out with wild, irrational accusations and attacks. They get away with them because the liberal media props them up like serious talking points.

Well, the manure has certainly been flying since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. The innovator has vowed to transform the ailing social network to become a haven of free speech. Naturally, all the liberals who got used to beating up conservatives panicked. They will now have to defend their views on a level playing field. Some picked up their toys and left, deleting their accounts.

Others fired off wild attacks against Musk. And we may have found the most bizarre (so far).

Regular MSNBC guest Elie Mystal claimed that new platform owner Elon Musk would leak black users’ direct messages from Twitter.

Mystal, who also serves as The Nation’s justice correspondent, argued that the billionaire entrepreneur would not protect the privacy of direct messages on Twitter — unless the users happened to be white.

“To me, the principle danger in the new Twitter overlord is that an impulsive, bad faith actor with a history of racial animus now owns messages to and from Black people that were intended to be private or quasi private,” Mystal began, going on to note that he often used Twitter messages to reach out to sources — something that people might not feel safe doing if they believed the privacy of those messages could ever be compromised…

Mystal went on to suggest that only white people could believe with any degree of confidence that Musk, at the helm of Twitter, would protect their privacy. [Source: Daily Wire]

What a load. Elie Mystal, a self-proclaimed “justice correspondent” made the unsubstantiated accusation that Elon Musk, an African-American, would use Twitter to spy on black users. Apparently, in the mind of Mystal, that was the only reason Musk bought the social network—to look at black users’ private messages.

Since when are people obligated to reveal their race on social media? That’s not something Twitter asks when you sign up (although the government constantly asks you about that). You are not even obligated to use your real name or a real picture of yourself. How would Musk even know someone was black unless the user openly stated it?

Besides that, why would Musk care about reading the DMs of black users? Doesn’t he have better things to do—like managing one of his many companies? The man is trying to get people on Mars, and this idiot thinks he is trying to spy on black folks’ DMs.

On top of that, Musk has advocated for Twitter to be a free speech platform. Only totalitarians who hate free speech use tactics like violating a person’s privacy. That sounds more like what leftists want to do (and have suggested the government should do), regarding conservatives and Trump supporters.

Perhaps old Mystal is projecting his own desires?

Author: Moe Stone