Leaked Video Shows The Truth Behind Capitol Protests

Image Source: Big League Politics

A video is going viral which reveals how MAGA supporter Ashli Babbit was brutally shot by police, being targeted while peacefully protesting inside the Capitol.

The clip reveals the officer shooting Babbit while she was demonstrating against the stealing of our election. She was among the patriots who entered the Capitol, exactly as leftist protesters had done countless times in the past.

The video can be watched here:

Many alleged Republicans have requested executions of Trump protesters by police for actions in the Capitol, and they got what they wanted with the terrible murder of Babbit, who was an Air Force veteran with an excellent past:

One person who could be happy about Babbit’s death is VP Mike Pence, who authorized the vote steal early in the morning. The President has since stood down to let Biden’s takeover happen, and many of Trump’s most loyal followers are refusing to accept that.

Conservative media has reported on Pence congratulating Capitol police after the execution of Babbit:

“Thanks to the amazing Capitol Police for protecting us today. Thanks to your actions, D.C. was kept safe and we are all very grateful,” he wrote…

Pence also battled a fraud lawsuit by Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) that could have given the VP the power to reject Biden’s fraudulent electors.

In this age of overwhelming treason, Pence might be the worst of them all.

The globalist are not happy with only stealing your rights and turning you into a sheep. They want you gone for good if you don’t fully comply with their agenda.