Leaked Video Reveals Border Patrol Enraged By Biden

A leaked clip shows an angry exchange between some agents of the Border patrol and the official in front of DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas during his visit to the border this past week.

The video, revealed by Fox News, reveals agents slamming Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz as Mayorkas watches, who was on his first visit to Texas this Friday.

In the footage, Ortiz says that he believes the border enforcement group is “losing too many people.”

“As a group, we need to start taking better care of each other,” he stated.

“I get it,” the chief said. “You come to work, you are frustrated. You are upset because you did not get the outcome you wanted. That does not mean you give up.”

“We’re not,” one agent said.

“I know you are not,” Ortiz said. “That is why I am saying, we do not give up. We must stay focused, we need to continue on with the mission that everyone signed up for.”

Agents got angry, with one saying, “It’s sorta hard to say when…”

“It’s not difficult to say it,” Ortiz responded angrily. “It might be hard for you, I have been doing this job for 31 years. It’s not difficult for me to say it.”

The agents then replied with “you are releasing criminal illegals into the country.”

Ortiz dismissed the agents’ concerns, saying the officers were “getting bogged down in the politics.”

Then several agents had objections, as they said, they cannot use the term “illegal aliens.”

One said “That is why Chief Scott left,” in reference to Border Chief Rodney Scott, who left office last year by the Joe Biden White House, as The Washington Post has said.

“You just said it,” Ortiz replied to the rightly angry agents. “Nothing will happen to you.”

As there was more dissent, Ortiz asked, “Why are you officers getting caught up in the semantics? … I have been doing this job for as long as you all.”

This was when things got heated for the liberal Border Patrol chief.

“That is the problem, chief,” one agent said, and as Ortiz asked him to re-explain what he meant as the room got quieter.

“For evil to win, good people will do nothing,” the agent said. “That is exactly what is happening here. Good people are doing nothing. You are allowing illegals to be dropped off in our communities.”

Author: Scott Dowdy