Leaked Docs Prove The ATF Is Coming For Your Guns — Here’s When…

Lee Williams, from the Truth About Guns, put attention on the ATF’s latest strategy to get anti-gun fear. This is focused on the perceived boogeyman of “privately made firearms” (PMFs).

At the end of June, the Joint Counter Terrorism Assessment Team (JCAT) put out an ATF document which was titled “First Responder Awareness of Privately Made Firearms Could Stop Illicit Actions.”

“JCAT is a partnership by the DHS, NCTC, and FBI to aid in information sharing between federal, state, local governments and other private sector partners, in the common interest of increasing public safety,” the document said. “This is NOT a response to a particular threat against the U.S. It gives overall awareness of and more resources connected to terrorist tactics, procedures and techniques, whether overseas or domestic.”

The JCAT and ATF believe that homemade guns are part of a larger group of “terrorist techniques and procedures” despite the fact that many Americans have assembled guns within the confines of their home all the way back to before the foundation of the nation.

Williams said “The document was never meant to be leaked to the public or media, and is exempt from finding through the Freedom of Information Act, but that didn’t stop some patriotic person publishing it online.”

“Violent extremists and criminals continue to look for ways to get firearms through the creation of private made firearms (PMFs),” the ATF’s document says. “PMF identification can help PMF recovery and prevent illicit actions including terrorism, and guard American public safety.”

The ATF seemed to have some self-awareness by stressing that it must tread lightly with its actions out of fear that it would get involved in another Ruby Ridge or Waco style incident that puts them under the focus of American public scrutiny.

“NOTE: Many of the actions described herein might involve Constitutionally protected actions and might be insignificant by themselves. Action should not be done simply based on the use of Constitutionally protected rights.”

This is yet another attempt to target conservative Americans and another reason why the corrupt ATF should be abolished.

Author: Blake Ambrose