Leaked Audio Exposes Democrats’ Hate For America

House Democrats have been caught on a hot mic making fun of conservative Matt Gaetz’s request to have the Judiciary committee say the pledge of allegiance at the start of their hearings.

In a video file send to conservative reporters, the audio of the Democrats mocking the Republicans’ request can be heard. In the video, you can hear Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) and another unidentified Democrat seeming to joke about their colleague’s request. They were then reminded by a staffer that their microphones were on.

The conversion in question can be heard here:

During the hearing on new rules for the house, Gaetz put forward a request to recite the Pledge at the beginning of each hearing to which Nadler said it was “unnecessary.” Gaetz said he thought it would be a good unifying act.

“I want to welcome the new committee members. I am grateful to return to this committee and I appreciate the importance of the work that we all do. And I just believe it would be nice in the spirit of unity, which I know we all aspire to, for us to do something greater by having, at the start of each meeting, the chair lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance,” Gaetz stated.

“We all know that during these times it’s important for the nation to see lawmakers working together and while I understand we can deal with divisive topics, I would hope we could start each committee with a unifying and patriotic act.” Gaetz added.