Lawmakers Unleash Fury Against Open Border Supporters In The White House

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is getting a lot of heat. As it has now become certain that the federal government is no longer interested in defending its border from an avalanche of a migrant invasion, lawmakers and officials are beginning to see that Mayorkas will not protect the country’s border.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has also joined the calls for Mayorkas to give his resignation. Ducey’s comment came on Aug. 13, which was one day after border officials revealed that they allowed 117,000 migrants to go past our southern border that month. The last month was pretty brutal in terms of illegal immigration. According to Breitbart, there were 200,000 illegals caught in July. This represented an increase of 418% from July of last year.

Breitbart layed out how the United States is reaching almost historic levels of illegal crossings:

“Not since 2000, when former Presidents Clinton and Bush were in office, have illegals coming to the U.S. been this high. Jan. 2000 was the last month in the past two decades that had almost 190,000 captures at the southern border.”

In a comment on August 13, Ducey pushed Mayorkas to resign:

“It is time for Sec. Mayorkas to resign, and for his replacement to be someone who will tell the American public the truth, fight against radicals inside the Biden administration and end the open border crisis. The safety of the state of Arizona and our whole country depends on it.….”

According to some reports, Mayorkas was “well” aware that some sections of the border were about to “break.”

“We cannot continue like this, our people in the field cannot continue and our system is not built for it,” Mayorkas allegedly stated.

According to Neil Munro from Breitbart, Mayorkas has made remarks that suggest he is trying to tame the present surge by making more migration legal.

During a media conference on August 12, Mayorkas said:

“In the upcoming days, our dept. will announce that we are changing and improving how we process these asylum claims. We will keep rebuilding our immigration system to help promote fairness and equity.”

Author: Scott Dowdy