Latest Biden Team Member Has A Very Controversial Past

Despite the fact that reports indicated she was unqualified, the Senate confirmed Lisa Cook to serve on the Fed on Tuesday.

The confirmation vote reached a 50-50 deadlock, which was broken by VP Kamala Harris’ support for Cook. All 50 Dems. voted to approve the Michigan State University economics professor and former Obama official, while all Republicans opposed her.

On January 14, Elisabeth Cook was nominated to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

The Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed a number of academics and other experts who said that not only is Christine Cook unqualified to serve on the board, but she has also falsely elevated her economic knowledge. According to a senior Republican Senate aide, Cook is one of the least qualified Federal Reserve nominees in history, and her background has no relevance to monetary economics.

Since the beginning of his term, several Democrats have urged Biden to select Cook, touting her work on the economic consequences of racism and economic history. She didn’t write many works with titles that referred to central banking, financial industry regulation, or money supply.

Before she was nominated, Cook had served on the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Board of Directors since January 10.

The Wayback Machine, a digital archive that archives websites, said prior to her nomination that Cook’s work had been published in “peer-reviewed journals as the American Economic Review,” but it was subsequently updated to state “her research has appeared in such publications as the American Economic Review.”

Cook has also publicly backed economic reparations for blacks and other “race-specific” money programs.

This nomination goes to show that the Biden White House will stop at nothing to push radical anti-white policies. For example the recent covid-19 relief payments that were sent to American farmers were specifically NOT given to white farmers. And even worse, this was written into the law itself and was approved by Republicans.

So we can feel confident that this new nomination will lead to even more discrimination against white people. There is even talk about a race-based credit reporting system being created.

Author: Blake Ambrose