Largest Gun Confiscation In America’s History Is About To Start

We understand Biden would like to confiscate guns. He tells us about it a lot. He wants a complete ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, another equally dumb term.

His number two, who is currently getting floored for the border crisis during her embarrassing trip to Guatemala, also wants an executive order to ban these types of guns.

This is not legal, but that never stopped Democrats from pushing forward with their war against the Second Amendment.

Their limits on magazine size does not only apply to rifles, but to handguns too, meaning that millions of Americans would be turned into felons under the Democrats’ new anti-gun scheme.

The endgame is obvious, make Americans defenseless against Antifa and BLM terrorist, who operate as the brown shirts of the Democrat party. Fortunately, the Democrats don’t yet have the legislative power to pull this off legally.

But Biden is now attempting a different path. He is tweaking current measures through the ATF. It’s through this that he plans to go after American gun owners.

It’s significant to say the least, with many insiders in the industry saying it the largest gun confiscation scheme in history.

The rule would make most guns that have a stabilizing pistol brace illegal. The owners of these types of guns would have no choice but to register or disassemble their guns to avoid becoming felons. One estimate reported that as many as 40 million firearms would come under the new measure.

“It will be the biggest registration and confiscation scheme in this nation’s history,” Alex Bosco, who created the stabilizing brace said.

The measure also gives a complicated point system to decide if a gun with a stabilizing brace is a pistol or if it should be seen as a short-barrel rifle which needs registration under the NFA.

Between 10-40 million American gun owners already own guns with stabilizing braces.

This comes at a time when the top groups dedicated to defending our Second Amendment rights are dealing with other legal issues and cannot completely devote their resources to fight this right now.

Author: Blake Ambrose