Lara Trump Stuns With ‘2022’ Announcement

Yes, it’s true, there are many people in D.C. who never want to hear the name “Trump” again. And I’m not just talking about Democrats.

Crooked congressmen tried to impeach and convict Donald Trump a second time, to ensure he’d not only never run again, but to disgrace him enough to hide away in shame. After all, an impeached and convicted former president shouldn’t hold much sway in America. But they failed.

Democrats had help in the form of Republican traitors, who blamed Trump for the January 6 riot and said we needed to “move on.” But Republicans—and millions of Americans—will do no such thing.

Already a Trump-backed candidate has won a special election. It’s clear his influence will continue to shape our country for years to come.

And it seems he might not be the only Trump to show up in Washington.

Lara Trump said during an interview on the Monday episode of The Water Cooler with host David Brody that she is mulling the possibility of mounting a bid to serve as a U.S. senator from North Carolina.

“North Carolina is where I was born and raised. My entire family still lives there. It would be an absolute honor to represent the people of North Carolina,” said Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump. “So we’ll see what happens. But yes, it is something I’m taking very seriously and absolutely considering it.”

Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican currently serving as a senator representing North Carolina, is not pursuing another term in the state’s 2022 election contest. [Source: Just the News]

By 2022, a senate seat from North Carolina currently held by a Republican will be vacant. You better believe Democrats will pull out all the stops to flip it, expanding their lead in the Senate. If Democrats were to get just another seat in the upper chamber, all bets are off. They’d demolish our country by forcing through every last radical plan they can imagine.

It’s critical that Republicans not only win new seats, but hold onto the ones they already have.

Should Lara Trump throw her hat into the ring, Republicans will have a formidable candidate in that race. Lara Trump is one of many respected members of the Trump family and the previous administration. With Trump’s continued massive influence in the GOP, she would have a significant advantage over primary rivals and Democrat contenders.

Recently, President Trump himself noted that Lara could be running for Senate. He had already given her his blessing, even before she decided to run.

If she were to run, his endorsement would go a long way in helping her candidacy. Not only because voters trust Trump, but it means another America First candidate could be heading to D.C.

In an age where Democrats are putting themselves, their special interests, and illegals ahead of Americans, voters are demanding a change. Candidates that promise to end the Democrats’ toxic agenda would be welcomed by open arms.

And Lara Trump is a native to the state. She just might be the perfect candidate in 2022.