Kamala’s Staffers Flee In Droves – You’ll Never Guess Why

Less than two weeks ago, we learned that two top officials within the Biden administration were leaving. Both were within communications for Biden and his VP Harris. This comes after reports suggested there was brewing trouble within the White House offices. Biden’s people were growing increasingly frustrated with the chaos and mismanagement of Harris’ office. And Harris’ people attacked Biden, saying he wasn’t doing enough to prop up the unimpressive and unaccomplished woman.

It’s interesting to note that the two resignations are from communication officials. It seems like this White House is having serious trouble inside this department. Confusion and disarray seem to mark this administration’s public affairs. Former staffers would rather take what is effectively a demotion than stay in the White House.

And guess what? Another person is leaving.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ spokeswoman Symone Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of this year, following issues with communications…

Sanders’ departure makes her the third high-level staffer to leave the White House in less than two weeks.

Rumors of an unhealthy work environment and dysfunction inside Harris’ office led press secretary Jen Psaki to defend the Vice President last month…

Harris’ communications have been challenging and controversial over the past year. [Source: Just the News]

Two top officials within Harris’ communications department have left in the last two weeks. A third communications chief for Biden has left as well. We shouldn’t be surprised at all by this, since neither Biden nor his VP has any idea what they are doing.

Harris just might be worse at communicating than old Joe. Whenever she is confronted by the media with a “tough” question, she breaks down in laughter (I’ll remind you, these are mostly softball questions from a liberal media). When she does answer questions, they hardly address the issue being discussed.

Biden’s VP has been outside the U.S. more than she has been stateside. She seems to flee the country whenever something important happens. She has offered no solutions or leadership throughout this year, even though the U.S. has been hammered by many crises.

And to top it all off, Harris has a worse approval rating than Joe Biden. The latest poll reveals on 28% of the country supports her. So, yeah. We’re not surprised people are leaving her office. Any job is better than working for this failed administration. And those within communications are forced to face the public over Harris’ inane comments and idiotic behavior.

I’m surprised more people are fleeing this sinking administration, like rats from a ship.

Author: James Anderson