Kamala’s Latin America Adventure Ends In Total Disaster

VP Kamala Harris’ recent visit to Latin America was as terrible as you might expect. Attempting to solve the problems in nations like Guatemala and Mexico that precede the Biden-Harris White House only reinforced the idea that Harris wants no connection to the disaster at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Even the White House has let this slip, that they are unhappy with how the VP answered questions concerning the border, with the top example coming from her NBC interview in which she was clearly unprepared for a border trip question—despite the problem being mentioned for months.

“There was progress, but there are now worries that some of that might be overshadowed by her answers to questions that her team knew should would be asked,” CNN correspondent Jeremy Diamond said yesterday. “It has left some of the White House officials confused, and the VP’s team frustrated.”

“Some of them are discreetly showing confusion about the VP’s answers, in particular to the question from Lester Holt where she spoke about the border with Europe. There was hope the visit would be successful, but they feel it might be overshadowed by her answers,” Diamond said.

White House reporter John Harwood also said on Wednesday that some Biden team members “were not happy” by her answer to the border question.

I revealed yesterday the true reason Harris does not want to go to see the terrible mess the Biden White House helped create.

While defenders of Harris say it is only Republicans who are going for her for not visiting the southern border, some Democrats have supported the idea of a VP visit. Even MSNBC’s Brzezinski said this Wednesday going to the southern border “should be a priority.”

If the problem of bad optics during the visit is a worry for the White House, Harris showed why those worries were valid when Guatemalan protesters told her to “go home.” Later she was seen using a mask when meeting Mexico’s president, who himself was not masked, despite the two being outside and both having their covid vaccinations.

Author: Blake Ambrose