Kamala’s Jan 6 Speech Proves She’s Just As Delusional As Joe

Today will be nauseating. It will be grounded in all the crazy hysterics of the Jan. 6 protests that happened last year. MSNBC and CNN are totally ramped up to give some of the most insane takes about this day. The guests were slated to act as if “reporters” stormed Normandy. They are not war heroes or veterans. They are wimpy drones of the political class who need to get over it. It was a riot. That is the end of it. Everybody else has moved on because, unlike liberals, we are not obsessed with Trump or the 2016 presidential race. We are also going to be subjected to the classic historical illiteracy too. VP Kamala Harris kicked it off by saying that 1/6 was like Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

It’s not. You don’t even have to do an analysis of these comments. They are facially untrue. This was never a national security issue or threat. Again, it was a riot. It should not have happened, but this was not as bad as what occurred on 9/11 or Dec. 7, 1941. To say so marginalizes real attacks on the nation and spits on the families of the real victims since Dems have decided to use this tiny riot for their ongoing war to convict Donald Trump of…anything.

That’s the true end game here. Nobody cares about 1/6, which is the reason why CNN and other liberal media outlets must constantly push adrenaline into the narrative that was long a corpse by everyone else. The echo chamber is a thing, but everyone has moved on, guys. Dems probably believed everyone else was traumatized too. Not so. We have more pressing things to deal with. And the lack of urgency tops any chance about this circus of a select committee finding anything to convict Donald Trump on about the riot.

Democrats want to purge all Trump supports from American politics. It won’t happen. They know it and fear it. And maybe that is what people will take from this after everybody laughs at these idiots making insane comparisons about 1/6.

Author: Steven Sinclaire