Kamala Stuns Audiences With New “Idea” On Democracy

Vice Pres. Kamala Harris said in a interview this week with CBS that one of the largest security challenges that faces the U.S. is the country’s democracy.

During an episode of “Face The Nation” that aired this week, VP. Harris and CBS News’ Margaret Brennan talked about the many policy challenges facing Pres. Joe Biden’s administration toward the end of 2021. The topics of their discussion included the rise in COVID-19 cases because of the Omicron strain, Pres. Biden’s bid to get all Americans vaccinated, Dem West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition to the BBB Act and election policies.

The duo also talked about national security, with Brennan asking VP. Harris, “What do you see is the largest national security challenge that’s confronting the U.S.? What is the one thing that worries you the most and keeps you awake at night?” — to which Harris responded, “Frankly, one of the things that worry me the most is our democracy. And that I could talk about because that is not classified.”

“I think there is no question in the minds of the people who are foreign policy professionals that the year 2021 isn’t the year 2000,” the Vice President went on to say. “We are embarking on a brand new era where the threats facing our country could take many forms, which include having too much influence around the globe and the threats of an autocracy taking over everything. And so, I go back to our point about needing to fight for our democracy’s integrity,” Harris stated.

Earlier in the conversation, Vice President Harris had claimed that 33 state laws were “making it hard for the American people to get out and vote,” allegedly representing a great threat to “one of the most vital pillars of a democracy, which is free and fair elections.”

Harris also championed the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which she thinks would ensure that American citizens have “unfettered access to their voting rights” and safeguard “the integrity of our democracy.”

The two bills, which are facing opposition from Republicans in Congress, seek to bring into effect an automatic registration provision for voting and make Election Day a national holiday.

Harris also claimed that the “climate crisis” is another security problem the Biden administration makes a priority and is working on by attempting to “to re-enter … the Paris Agreement” and working with the U.S. allies in Europe.

Author: Blake Ambrose