Kamala Prepares To Take Her Seat On The Presidential Throne

On Fox News, Maria Bartiromo and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz made some good observations about the Joe Biden administration that has some folks questioning who is really in charge in the White House. 

Bartiromo asked if a transition might be already underway, given Biden’s avoidance of the press while VP Kamala Harris meets with leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and French President Macron.

“What is happening?” Bartiromo asked. “Are we getting ready for a type of transition?” 

“I wonder if the transition to Harris has already started,” said Gaetz. “Biden’s got more nap time in than questions from journalists. And you are correct. Biden has also attacked Syria more times than he has had press briefings.”

Gaetz also wondered if progressives are having buyer’s remorse.

“Is this what you voted for, a warmongering leader like Biden, when Trump brought peace around the world and actually confronted the real threat, China, not trying to create democracies from sand and blood in some country far away?” asked Gaetz.

President Biden is the first POTUS in 40 years to not have a press conference at this point during his administration. Biden is scheduled to deliver his first address to Congress at the end of March, and it’s been reported that he will have a full press conference in the coming weeks. But we will believe it when  it happens.