Kamala Mocked By Fellow Democrats For Her Biggest Failure Yet

Kamala Harris had an interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that was published today.

We have touched on parts of the interview already, including her stating that the “biggest national security challenge for the U.S.” was our democracy since the fear of autocracies gaining power around the world. The irony of her stating this, being in the most autocratic administration we have ever seen, pushing mandates on Americans.

But Harris kept going with her cluelessness when Brennan asked her about what her “biggest failure was at this point.”

Now, the biggest failure of the White House that most would bring up would be Afghanistan. Of course, there are many failures. But still, given that Americans died and others were left behind, that is pretty much it. But you could also make a good case for the high inflation that Americans are suffering through right now too.

Her own personally reported biggest failure should be her overall primary job — the southern border — which continues to be a complete disaster.

So, what was her response? Neither of those logical answers. Instead, she laughed in response and said her biggest failure was “to not get out of Washington more.”

From Fox:

“Being with those who are directly impacted by this work, listening to them so they tell us what their priorities are. I believe it is very important.”

“People have the right to know and think their government really sees them. And my biggest issue is, I don’t want to be in a bubble when it comes to being in touch with what Americans need at any given time.”

Ok, where to begin?

Kamala has really travelled a lot — just to the places she has always wanted to go to, such as Paris and to a bakery in NJ for sweets instead of to a meeting concerning Mexican cartels. She also took a mysterious trip to Palm Springs that she would not allow the media to see her leave on for reasons never explained.

She has been all over to campaign for Dems. But where she has not gone is the southern border — the job that she is supposed to be working on — except for a short layover for in June close to the border, on her way to the state of California.

Kamala has whined about the way she is treated by media, saying it is because of her gender and race. Maybe she should check with her lack of achievements. It’s hard for reporters — even liberal reporters constantly pumping up Dems — if you don’t do anything worth pointing out.

Author: Blake Ambrose