Kamala Manages To Embarrass Everyone In America

When it comes to the catastrophe happening in Afghanistan, it seems that the Biden White House never runs out of means to embarrass itself.

The newest humiliation comes from VP Kamala Harris during her Asia trip.

In Singapore, Harris was in a joint press conference with PM Lee Hsien Loong. Naturally, the VP had to answer a question concerning the Afghanistan disaster, and naturally, she fumbled the ball.

The moment happened shortly after the news conference started to take questions. A Reuters reporter stressed how Afghans were trampled and died as they tried to leave the country that American forces had fought in for two decades. Also, the reporter said there are still Americans stuck inside the capital city the country.

She then said she knew that Harris had agreed with the Afghanistan withdrawal, but wished to understand the vp’s assessment of how it all went wrong.

In Harris’ response, she was evasive, saying she knew why the question was posed and saying there would be “lots of time to analyze” what occurred with the troop withdrawal.

She said that the Biden White House is “singularly focused on getting American citizens and the Afghans who helped us out, along with Afghans who are vulnerable” like women and children. Harris said the administration has a deep commitment, and the United States has a responsibility to make it a priority to ensure those who aided America are safe.

Boilerplate comments from a person representing the Biden Administration, in other words. A press release would have said this much.

Then things seemed to get harder for the VP.

Does it seem like Harris was not prepared for this question?

“I mean President Biden has, I believe, shown great emotion in showing, uh, sadness about the photos we have all seen, but we cannot be get distracted in any way from what must be our top mission is right now, which is to evacuate people from the area who deserve to get evacuated,” Harris said.

While her stumbling “uhs” were bad, Harris’ bearing was much worse. Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA’s said via Twitter that it seemed like Harris needed to look at her notes to explain how President Biden feels.

It’s not clear if Harris was actually reading her notes, as Johson said, or was merely having problems with an answer because she understood she had to select her words carefully. But either way, the moment was not pleasing to watch.

Author: Scott Dowdy