Kamala Lies To Everyone’s Face About The Southern Border

VP Kamala Harris said “we have been to the border” even though she did not ever visit America’s southern border since President Biden made her the leader of the immigration crisis back in March.

“Do you have plans or an intention to visit the border?” NBC’s Lester Holt said during an interview that was aired on Tuesday.

“At some time we will go to the border. We have been there,” Harris replied. “So this entire thing concerning the border. We have already been there.”

“You haven’t been,” Holt responded.

“And I have not been to Europe,” Harris responded as she laughed.

“I don’t understand the point you are making,” she said. “I’m not discounting the border.”

Republicans have routinely slammed Harris for her failure to travel to the border even though she is Biden’s selected leader on immigration issues that led to the crisis at the southern border.

In publicly announcing her new southern border responsibilities back on March 24, the president claimed Harris was “most qualified for the role.”

“I gave you a hard job, and you are smiling, but there is no one better to organize this,” Biden said.

That announcement was 76 days ago.

“The Vice President sees the border crisis as a joke,” GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said on twitter with a video of her interview.

Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas invited Harris and Biden to visit his state and “listen to those who live on the border” during his interview with Fox News recently.

Harris defended her choice not to go to the border during her interview with NBC’s Holt.

“I am in Guatemala because my goal is to deal with the root source of migration,” she said.

“There might be some who believe that’s not vital, but it is my firm belief that we must care about the root source and deal with them. So that is what I’m doing.”

Author: Scott Dowdy