Kamala Is Fuming Over Biden’s Supposed ‘Favoritism’

VP Kamala Harris is now bitter over Biden’s alleged favoritism toward “white man” Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg.

The feud is being fueled by Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure program, which will put Buttigieg in a key power broker position in DC.

With Harris’s hopes to be Biden’s successor in 2024, Harris is allegedly “suspicious” of Buttigieg’s increased power to give out $550 billion of the new transportation bill while she is given the task of dealing with the southern border problem and destroying election safety measures around the country, two jobs that have proven hard for the Biden-Harris White House to address.

“With that much funding and significant latitude in how to use it, Buttigieg will be the most influential sec. of transportation ever,” Top Fellow Jeff Davis from the Eno Center for Transportation said to the AP.

To make issues worse, Harris and her team are now furious that Joe Biden’s media has defended Buttigieg’s long paternity leave in the middle of the supply chain crisis. Kamala Harris’s aides feel the VP has not given her the same protections from the news media over the failing border crisis and pushing through anti-election safety measures.

“It is hard to miss the energy that the Biden White House uses to defend a White male, knowing that VP Harris has taken the hits that the administration did not want to take themselves,” a former Harris aide said to CNN about the White House infighting.

Buttigieg, the former mayor of the city of South Bend, who needed aid from a pizza company to fix city roads, might have his eye on the Oval Office in 2024 or even 2028, putting him at odds with Kamala Harris, who reportedly thinks that Biden is not correctly grooming her to takeover as president. Harris’s favorability numbers are currently resting under 30 percent.

Harris’s “suspicion,” which “led to the bitterness” against Buttigieg, caused media secretary Jen Psaki to defend the VP recently.

Upon news stories released over the weekend praising Buttigieg while exposing Kamala Harris, Psaki praised the VP for “facing” the important issues of the country, such as “voting rights to migration to expanding broadband.”

“For anybody who has to hear it, the VP is not only a crucial partner but also a bold leader who has taken on crucial challenges facing the nation — from voting rights to dealing with the causes of the migration crisis to expanding Americans’ access to broadband,” Psaki tweeted.

Author: Steven Sinclaire