Kamala Harris Supports Marxism During The Holidays

VP Kamala Harris celebrated the start of Kwanzaa this past Sunday night, a Marxist holiday created by a black nationalists, by celebrating one of the “seven principles” of Kwanzaa, which happen to connect with the seven principles of the extremist Symbionese Liberation Army.

“When I was a kid, Kwanzaa was a special time. Family members would fill our home. We would listen to the older people tell stories and watch them light candles on our kinara,” Harris said, recalling her childhood Kwanzaa memories.

“During dinner, we would talk about the seven principles,” she said.

“My favorite principle is the second: Kujichagulia (self-determination). This principle is about having the ability to design your life and determine your future. It is a deeply American principle,” she said. “From our family to your own family, happy Kwanzaa”:

Absent from VP Harris’s wishes is the background of where Kwanzaa came from, which was created by Maulana Karenga, founder of the United Slaves, the “violent rival to the Black Panthers,” as one conservative author Ann Coulter put it:

“Now we understand the truth: The FBI helped the bloody rivalry between United Slaves and the Panthers. In the annals of the American ’60s, Karenga was the stooge of the czarist police. Whether Karenga was a willing FBI informant, or only a dupe, remains unclear. The left has all but forgotten the FBI’s encouragement of this murderous cult founded by the creator of Kwanzaa.”

A 1978 article inside the Washington Post has Karenga describing the holiday like this:

“People believe it is African. But it’s not. I wanted to give black people a holiday for themselves. So I came up with Kwanzaa. I said it was African because you know black Americans would not celebrate it if they thought it was American,” he said.

“Also, I put it around Christmas because I understood that is when many of the bloods (blacks) would be partying!” he said.

Nonetheless, other top profile figures, like President Biden, have openly given Kwanzaa greetings: “May this time of reflection about the rich heritage of African Americans bring unity, peace and joy”:

Author: Steven Sinclaire