Kamala Harris Makes An Enraging Anti-White Accusation

VP Kamala Harris celebrated the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama, by saying that Republicans were like the state troopers that assaulted rioting black civil rights protesters.

“Those brave protests continued to push forward to get the freedom to vote. And they were fought back. Today we are on this bridge at a different time. We find ourselves in between justice and injustice, between determination and disappointment, still in a battle, to form a better union,” she said.

“Nowhere is that more certain than when it comes to the continuing fight to secure our freedom to vote,” she said.

The VP recalled the record turnout during the election of 2022 as a “huge triumph of democracy” while ignoring the state of Texas having high voter turnout even with it passing one of the laws she says harms voting.

“A record amount of people sent in their ballots in the 2020 election. It was a win of democracy in many ways. But not everybody saw it like that. Some saw it like a threat. And so as people did many times in our country’s history, they assaulted the freedom to vote,” she stated.

As Breitbart News recently reported, Texas saw a high voter turnout in the recent primary election, a fact that Democrats have overlooked:

“Texas’s first in the country primary election saw a boost in voter turnout this Tuesday night, shattering the midterms of 2018 after Texas’s Senate Bill 1 last year — the same integrity law that Democrats fought to stop, saying it was “voter suppression.””

“The Tuesday night primary election — the initial major election since Texas’s election integrity law was signed into law — went smoothly as polling locations seemed to not have reported any problems.”

Despite this, the VP charged that Senate GOP members are guilty of being racist for their refusal to vote for the Democrats’ very criticized John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement law.

This also comes at a time when Republicans continue to ignore the fact that Democrats excluded white farmers in America from the covid relief checks that were sent to farmers. If “racism” is really the topic to discuss, why is that clear discrimination not discussed more?

Author: Scott Dowdy