Kamala Harris Makes a Power Move While Biden Is Weak

Gavin Newsom was forced to bring in the big federal guns to help him compete and win the recall election in just over two weeks. President Biden’s office has announced his plans to travel to California to support the in-danger Governor and Vice President Harris was scheduled to be a part of a pro-Newsom car rally (in which every person has to be vaccinated or a negative coronavirus test) tomorrow in California. However, it seems like the blood shed in Afghanistan and the resulting situation in the White House has come down to the state level.

Harris’ team said on Thursday that she would be promptly returning to Washington D.C.

Shortly after this, Governor Newsom’s comms. chief Nathan Click reported to Politico reporter Carla Marinucci that Harris would not be in California and that the rally would be cancelled.

Also, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff is also cancelling his events in Hawaii as of today as the Biden Team deals with the chaotic events in Afghanistan.

With more than two weeks before the election is here and polls going towards a recall defeat for Newsom, he is in need of every helping hand he can get. It’s not hard to imagine that this news is very disappointing and maybe even depressing to the Newsom team.

There are three possible truths here:

  1. Harris is seeking any excuse to stay away from the public eye and the Afghanistan terror attacks is a great situation for this. She can say she is needed back at the Capitol without facing any possible negative Newsom polls from her visit.
  2. Newsom’s polling is triggering red flags at the federal Democrat level and they want to not to be intimately connected to a seemingly sinking ship if it should officially go down.
  3. Harris’ leadership is desperately requested in Washington D.C. during this crisis and she does not have a choice but to go back.

It could honestly be any of these three. Maybe it could be a combination of the three? What we know for sure is that it’s not looking good for Newsom, and more than that, given how badly Biden has done, it’s not looking good for any Democrat anywhere.

Author: Scott Dowdy