Kamala Harris Has A New Jaw-Dropping “Minority” Conspiracy

A VP who got her job just because of her skin color and sex should have a pretty good idea of what the word “minority” actually means, but even that easy test is apparently too difficult for Kamala Harris.

In a Twitter post this Tuesday, pushing the current Dem mania for sweeping election-changing “reform” laws that would change the nation’s democratic processes, President Biden’s number two tried to make a point about what Democrats consider Republican obstructionism.

Instead, she only proved her obtuseness, and got humiliated for it on social media.

Harris was trying to sell the Senate on junking the filibuster, the parliamentary move that Democrats loved when they were in the minority, but now thinks is some type of “Jim Crow relic” when it has the power.

“Let us be certain: The Constitution gives the U.S. Congress the power to enact legislation. And nowhere does the U.S. Constitution give a minority the right to block laws,” she said. “The Senate needs to act.”

Harris’ tweet does not have a grasp on the real definition of the word “minority.” Are Americans now seeing through the Biden-Harris White House?

The agenda of the Biden White House and progressive Dems is not being stalled in the U.S. Senate due to a “minority.”

The chamber is tied right now with 50 votes for the GOP, 50 votes for Dems and independent senators who caucus along with them. With the Constitution granting the tie-breaking vote to the VP, Dems could have anything they wanted, if they had the majority to vote for it.

Instead, two Dems, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, are joining the GOP on laws — such as the humiliating BBB bill — and against the Dem effort to remove the filibuster.

That comes to 52 votes out of the 100 — a majority, with Dems and allies at 48, which is a minority.

Harris’ tweet got far too many supporters among out of touch liberals. But fortunately there were a lot of social media users familiar with English and more than willing to destroy the VP on her own terms.

Author: Steven Sinclaire