Kamala Harris Goes Berserk On Reporters After This Topic Was Brought Up

VP Kamala Harris went on NBC’s “Today” show this Thursday to talk about some of the most important issues facing the Joe Biden White House.

The interview was not as friendly as Kamala Harris might have hoped for, and her interactions with the host Savannah Guthrie became heated on numerous occasions.

Guthrie started by asking Kamala Harris about Biden’s comments on Russia during a media conference on Wed. provided a “green light to Russian President Vladimir Putin to take a part of Ukraine.”

While Biden said that Russia “would be kept accountable if the country invades,” he added that “it depends on what happens.”

“It is one thing if it is a minor incursion, and then we have to decide what to do or not do,” the president stated.

Many people feel this comment gave Putin the signal that the U.S. would allow Russia to commit a “minor incursion,” which is what Guthrie was mentioning.

Harris responded by repeating the same kind of rhetoric Joe Biden used this week, claiming that “the president was clear … if Vladimir Putin takes aggressive actions, we are prepared to give him serious and severe costs.”

Guthrie, however, questioned her statement about the president’s clarity.

“I am so sorry to interrupt, but it is not clear because 30 minutes after the media conference, the White House press secretary had to clarify the president’s comments,” Guthrie said.

“Savannah, I am being clear with you, and so if you are interested, I will continue to be clear,” Harris replied bluntly.

Guthrie pressed Harris some more, asking if there was “any amount of land that the nation of Russia could take that the president would accept, ignore, not give the severe sanctions he has been threatening.”

Harris danced around the issue, saying that if Russia was “violating the sovereignty of Ukraine,” the White House would interpret that as “aggression” and it would come at “a severe cost.”

Moving away from Russia, the “Today” host asked Kamala Harris about Joe Biden’s remarks regarding the integrity of the Nov. elections. Guthrie said the president “openly cast doubt about the 2022 midterms would be legitimate.”

“Is he very concerned that we might not have fair elections?” she said.

Harris started talking about the election security bill. Which seems to be dead in the Senate, which led to the next question.

“Since these bills have not been passed, that the midterms will not be legitimate or free or fair?”

Harris again did not answer the question, saying instead that Americans should not “conflate topics” — even though it was Joe Biden himself who suggested the midterms may not be fair if the bill was not passed.

Author: Steven Sinclaire