Kamala Harris Destroys Democrats’ Hope For 2022

When your bench is over, you must work with what you have. I understand that. It does not shy away from the fact that what you got could be a pile of garbage.

That is what the Biden team and the DNC have as we approach the 2022 midterms. Joe Biden has terrible approval ratings that dipped lower since the Ukraine war began, increasing gas prices, and this White House’s appalling grip on reality when it comes to ongoing inflation.

Next up is Kamala Harris, with even worse metrics. She is beyond unlikable—and her weird laughing fits just cause a situation that is very awkward. It’s just terrible.

So, with Biden possibly incapable of keeping up with things out on the trail, they are going to push out Kamala to aid Democrats during the upcoming midterm cycle. Is this a joke?

One DNC strategist has said to The Hill that Kamala Harris would be “used” in “communities and areas where the vice president would resonate better and be more popular than other member of the White House,” which is code for black areas, where Joe Biden has worked to maintain support over the previous 14 months.

It is hard to see where even this so-called “calculated” strategy would work, as black Dems (and female Democrats) rejected Kamala Harris during the presidential campaign back in 2019, with her support plummeting among those crucial voting blocs after her weird racially-tinged attacks on Joe Biden came across as politically opportunistic and disingenuous. And now, she is a drag on Joe Biden, with her ratings in terrible trouble just like his is.

Maybe keeping her in Washington is best since weird moments will only bring humiliation and media scrutiny. These problems in other countries, with the Ukraine war going on, could lead to missiles flying and maybe even WW3.

Still though, we have we wonder what is happening in the minds of other possible Democrat hopefuls as 2024 gets closer. Will Kamala run in place of Joe? Will she still be the VP if he does decide to run?

Author: Scott Dowdy