Kamala Harris Caught On Video Breaking Federal Law

Nothing matters anymore when it comes to politics. At least that is how it seems if you are a Democrat, and VP Kamala Harris has proven this perfectly with a new law-breaking video. In it, she clearly supports Terry McAuliffe to be Virginia’s governor, which is allowed for the VP since she is exempted from the Hatch Act. Yet, it’s where the footage will be played that will could cause legal consequences.

Of course, the crucial word there is “should” because we all understand nothing will happen here.

This would be a huge scandal if a GOP member did this.

These churches playing her video, which is not just political but really endorses a candidate, breaks the Johnson Amendment which prevents tax-exempt churches from working in the indirect or direct promotion of a political candidate.

The VP’s video is a perfect example of breaking the Johnson Amendment. Had she simply asked people to vote, this would have caused anger, but she went a lot further. While there is sometimes ambiguity when Dem politicians campaign within black churches, which is a common thing, Harris endorsed McAuliffe and spends almost half the video touting him. If that is not a violation of the Johnson Amendment, then I don’t know what is.

And there is no argument that the church is supporting her message by playing the video without any counter message from Glenn Youngkin.

But legality aside, it is just gross to play this video in church, and I have felt this same way when Republicans have pushed these tactics before. Some things should be off limits, and I believe church is one of these things. It’s one thing to support people vote or to speak about specific issues like abortion. But to give God’s house to any politician to directly endorse another candidate in breaking of the law is truly disgusting.

Of course, I am not surprised that Kamala Harris would go along with such a stunt. She is shameless and her ambition is unlimited. But as I said, this won’t be punished or spoken about. The same news outlets that got angry about the Johnson Amendment during the Trump White House will sing Harris’ praises here since nothing matters anymore. The rules simply don’t apply to them. They only apply to Republicans.

Author: Scott Dowdy