Kamala Gets a Hilarious MAGA Surprise On Trip To Guatemala

On Sunday, VP Kamala Harris took her first trip abroad as a Biden administration official.

She went to Guatemala, where she is said to be developing solutions to the “underlying causes” of the flood of illegals at America’s southern border.

Some Guatemalan citizens were not so happy to see the VP.

When she stepped out of Air Force Two, Harris was met by a crowd — many of these people were Trump activists — showing signs that said “Mind Your Own Business,” “Go Home” and “Trump Won.”

Given Biden’s coddling of illegals and his funneling of cash to any nation that claims a need, you would expect the VP to be met by pro-illegal signs and supportive pro-Biden activists.

So why did the opposite happen?

A group named Society in Action, which was protesting, told a Central American newspaper, “We are not against Kamala Harris’s visit, but against her blackmail in return for aid.”

One of the protesters continued: “We are against Biden’s LGBTQ, pro-abortion agenda. In Guatemala we are pro-life.”

Around 87 percent of Guatemala is Christian, and it follows that a nation of Christians would not be okay with a woman’s “right” to murder a baby.

Concerning the bribery being framed as humanitarian aid, it appears that Guatemalans want opportunity, freedom and to be left alone by Democrats — which means they are a lot alike Americans.

This brings us to a final issue: Why is the VP of America in Guatemala instead of at our southern border, where the crisis is happening and people are hurting because of it?

The answer is of course that Biden has painted himself into a corner.

The best answers to the immigration crisis is to fortify the border, prosecute and deport illegals, and remove incentives for illegal crossings.

These are all Trump’s solutions that fly in the face of Biden’s agenda, which is about being anti-Trump.

Democrats have said instead that the “underlying cause” of illegals flooding into the U.S. is that America has it too good relative to the rest of the globe.

If we give our money away in humanitarian aid, then other people would not feel the need to come here their country would be better, the thinking goes.

The trouble is that this way of thinking is dumb. And The Guatemalans know it just as much as Americans do.

Author: Blake Ambrose