Kamala Flees After Reporter Asks Her The Hard Questions

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo continues to face mounting problems. With each passing day, it appears more women are coming out to accuse him of sexual harassment. Each new story seems more offensive than the last, sparking the question: is this guy a serial offender?

While the governor refuses to cop to the charges or resign, most of the state has turned against him. Even notable Democrats outside of New York are calling for investigations. But what about those higher up in D.C.?

Kamala Harris has been outspoken in her attacks against men accused of harassment. She slammed her now-boss, Joe Biden, over charges made against him. And she was particularly cruel to Brett Kavanaugh, who faced unverifiable accusations during his Supreme Court confirmation.

But when a reporter asked Harris what she thought about the Democratic governor’s problems, this is what she did.

Vice President Kamala Harris ignored a question from a reporter on Wednesday about the scandals facing New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Harris has faced criticism for not calling out Cuomo as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct because Harris was quick to go on the attack against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Harris blew off the question after she spoke briefly with reporters after the House passed the Senate’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package…

Harris then immediately started to leave the area when she was asked, “And Madam Vice President, do you have comment on Governor Cuomo?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it odd that such an “outspoken” and “brave” woman like Harris would simply ignore a question about Cuomo? She spouted off a bunch of talking points about the Democrat’s toxic spending bill, then shuttled her way out of the room, pretending like she didn’t hear it.

(Oddly enough, she had already been leaving the room when someone asked about the COVID bill, so it’s not as if she couldn’t hear reporters.)

Apparently, Harris is happy to attack someone over accusations—when they are her enemies. She didn’t want Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. So, it was pretty convenient for her to jump on the unsubstantiated rumors against him. Again, when she attacked Joe, they were both running in the Democratic primaries.

She has nothing to gain politically from calling out Cuomo, so why should she do it? Um… maybe because Cuomo is being accused by multiple women of unacceptable behavior—on top of charges that he covered up the number of nursing home deaths in his state? And that a real leader wouldn’t care about politics, when something this big is breaking in a large state like NY?

Yeah, that would be a good time for Harris to show America she really does take sexual harassment charges seriously. For someone who once supported the “believe all women” movement, she is being remarkably silent.

With so much pressure being put on Cuomo, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be in office for much longer. An attempt to impeach him might materialize, if he doesn’t resign himself. That FBI investigation just might lead to charges, sealing his fate for certain.

Yet the White House doesn’t want to get involved? Strange.