Kamala Finally Hits Rock Bottom — And No One Is Going To Save Her

The net approval rating among Americans for VP Kamala Harris (D) shifted negative in a new survey after her unimpressive efforts to help the immigration crisis at America’s southern border.

The latest Morning Consult-Politico survey put out on Wednesday found that just a little more Americans see Harris unfavorably than the Americans who approve of her work.

Only 45% of American voters polled report they have a favorable opinion of Harris, while 47% reported they have an unfavorable opinion of the liberal Democrat, for a net negative rating of 2 percentage points.

President Biden was much better off than his vice president inside the poll.

While 45% of American voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of President Biden, 52% reported they have a good view of the president, for a net positive outcome of 7 percentage points.

In June, this same survey found the approval and disapproval rates for VP Harris were matched at 46% each.

Harris has struggled under the spotlight after President Biden put her in the lead of handling the growing crisis at America’s border with Mexico. Harris faced harsh criticism from the right after she had excuses for not going to the border, and then she said her visit to the southern border was scheduled for a long time.

She has also been slammed by criticism from Democrats after she told migrants not to come to America in one of her speeches. Others have been angered by the ongoing deportations under the Biden White House.

The newest survey discovered that Harris was just a little more favored by males than females and much more liked by young Americans than older Americans. She also got more support among African-Americans.

This poll comes at at time when people on both sides of the political spectrum are speculating about Joe Biden’s desire for a second term in 2024. With many Democrats saying Kamala Harris cannot win a presidential race, especially one against former President Donald Trump, who is also being rumored to be running in 2024. This new poll won’t do anything good for VP Harris, as it shows her popularity is decreasing while Trump’s numbers are increasing.

Author: Blake Ambrose