Just In: Antifa Makes Deadly Threat in Chilling Video — Guess Who They’re Targeting?

Last week Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler published a video to ask for the public’s help to “unmask” antifa. The violence-supporting group that has caused chaos in the city with months of destructive and violent riots despite Biden simply calling antifa an “idea.”

Someone claiming to represent antifa responded to the mayor with a video message. The masked person pushes anti-American ideas and then reveals Wheeler’s home address. The person then finishes the video with a threat to kill the mayor.

“Ted, we are requesting for the last time for you to resign,” the narrator says. “If you ignore this video, the destruction of your way of life will escalate. Blood is on your hands. Next time, it might be your own.”

Those last few words have Wheeler’s home address placed over them.

Wheeler initially showed support of the far left as riots happened in 2020. He was later pushed out of his home by them.

The DA for Multnomah County, Mike Schmidt, has not prosecuted rioters as police arrested them, leading to a system that releases violent criminals and does not punish anyone for engaging in violence.

Portland’s council defunded its police department. Since then, crime has exploded in the once-peaceful city.

Author: Blake Ambrose