Just as Dems Hope to Save ‘Build Back Better’ Sen. Sinema Destroys Them

Democrats have a rapidly-shrinking window to get anything done before the 2022 midterms. Once Summer hits, it’s game over. They will be forced to go back home and contribute significant amounts of time running their doomed re-election campaigns. It’s now or never to get something done they can use to pretend like they are actually working for Americans.

They hoped that getting a black woman on the Supreme Court would save them. But it doesn’t seem like voters are impressed. As inflation increases the price of just about everything, voters are looking for real leadership to help them put food on the table. The Democrats have no intentions of doing that. Instead, they talk about reviving Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” agenda, which would only make our current problems worse.

But it seems like Sen. Sinema has just torched those plans.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has privately killed President Joe Biden’s plan to revive his failed Build Back Better agenda, Axios reported.

Sinema has privately told donors the current path to revive Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is “unlikely,” according to a source who told Axios, which ultimately deflated the expectations that congressional Democrats had to vote on a smaller-sized bill by Memorial Day. [Source: Breitbart]

Word began to spread that Biden’s dramatic spending bill would actually pass. This came after Manchin appeared to cave to progressive donors by claiming he was open to negotiations. But now, moderate Sen. Sinema is saying that getting this program through was “unlikely,” shattering the left’s dreams that they could salvage this year.

Sinema is just one of a few moderate Democrats that are preventing the party from falling off a cliff. It seems that coming from a conservative state like Arizona is enough to keep Sinema from drinking the radical Koo-Aid that Schumer and company are chugging.

If Biden got his “BBB” agenda passed, it would have been a disaster for the country. Never mind the staggeringly high taxes, which would have hurt working and middle-class workers and consumers. It would have put millions of Americans on welfare, ensuring generations of poverty. It would have destroyed our energy industry, not to mention many others. And it would have struck a blow to our constitutional rights, including our right to privacy and free speech.

And that’s just for starters.

Nothing about that bill should have attracted Democrats who claim to love liberty. But all they saw were dollar signs for themselves and their donors.

Now that this bill is DOA, again, Democrats have nothing. No “win” to use to bamboozle voters into keeping them in power.

Author: Moe Blow