Judge Forces Democrats To Do The Unthinkable

I believe it is safe to say that Democrats’ “Defund the Police” movement has been a huge failure both from the rejection of candidates and politicians for office in swing areas who called for it and the implementation of the policy itself in places where it has been embraced, where we have also seen violent crime on the increase by double and in certain places triple digits.

The worst-hit Liberal-run city has been in Minneapolis, considering that is where the slogan “Defund the Police” started after the death of George Floyd. Their city council almost promptly moved to start the process of removing funding, and bragged about this during their interviews where they spoke about “reimagining” community policing in the form of social workers and trusted figures to solve disputes.

Because of this, there were lots of resignations from officers who felt like they did not have support. Not surprisingly, officer recruiting has not been so easy in the city. Violent criminals took this as an opportunity and started doing their thing.

Residents also narrowly avoided having significant staffing cuts done to its police, but $8 million was still removed from the police through attrition, leaving precincts weakened.

But in a new ruling, that no doubt leaves Democrats fuming, a Minneapolis judge has ordered the leaders of the city to hire more police, saying the city was not making good on its obligations to its citizens:

According to a document filed, Mayor Jacob Frey and the council are ordered to “immediately perform any and all actions to guarantee they fund the police.”

This means they must have 730 sworn officers by June of 2022. The city of Minneapolis currently only has 669 sworn officers.

Here’s more from Matt Finn of Fox News:

What is that you hear? It’s the sound of Democrats’ attempts to “Defund the Police” going down the drain in Minneapolis. It’s a wonderful sound, especially for people who have to live there.

This comes at a time when Democrats are attempting to distance themselves from their Defunding agenda. Seeing that it only harms them in polls.

Author: Steven Sinclaire