Joe Gives Chilling Warning In Bizarre Speech

Last night, Joe Biden appeared in yet another staged, unproductive CNN town hall. Like the ones he appeared in before, Joe answered softball questions carefully curated by the leftist news organization. But even under those circumstances, Joe was his own worst enemy.

While discussing the horrid notion of forcing children under 12 to get vaccinated, Joe Biden tried to explain he was waiting for the ‘all clear’ from the scientific community. But that’s not what came out of his mouth, sparking concerns from viewers.

“That’s underway, just like the other question is illogical, and I’ve heard you speak about it, because you always, I’m not being solicitous, but you’re always straight up about what you’re doing,” Biden continued. “And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you, uh, um, are, why can’t the, the, the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, uh, um, uh, it’s going to be, or excuse me, we, we know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved, but permanently approved, that’s underway, too, I expect that to occur quickly.” [Source: Daily Wire]

That wasn’t even the worst thing to come out of Biden’s mouth that night. Once again, the issue of gun control came up. Joe Biden had previously vowed to push the harshest gun control laws in the history of our country. When asked about his agenda, which has so far stalled in Congress, Joe reaffirms his intentions. But it seems he is going farther than any leader has gone before, in his quest to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

“I’m the only guy that ever got — passed legislation when I was a senator to make sure we eliminated assault weapons,” Biden said. “The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous.”

“I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things, but I’m not likely to get that done in the near term,” Biden added. [Source: Daily Wire]

Did Joe Biden say he wants to get rid of 9mm pistols? Sure looks that way.

Like most gun control advocates, Joe doesn’t know the first thing about how a gun works. Why can’t people who want to regulate something bother to learn about it? Because, I guess, that would make it very hard for them to outlaw it.

Joe claims it’s so very dangerous for a person to own a magazine that can shoot 20 rounds or more. I’m sorry, where in the Constitution does it say we can bear arms, so long as there is a limit to the ammunition?

Criminals aren’t going to limit their rounds—yet law-abiding Americans should?

And why is he talking about 9mm pistols? Does Biden really think a gun like that is a major scourge in our society? How many mass shooters or crooks are using 9mms? But a woman can easily carry a 9mm handgun to keep herself safe. You outlaw those, you are depriving a woman of protecting herself.

Does Biden really understand the 2nd Amendment? Of course not. He’s just catering to his radical, far-left base that wants to erode every last freedom within the Bill of Rights.

The only silver lining is that even he knows his agenda is a longshot.

Author: Simon Johnson