Joe Biden’s Impeachment Now Supported By This Many Americans

One of the best pollsters of the previous 20 years put out a new bombshell poll this Monday that reveals 50 percent of voters wish to see Joe Biden get impeached. Just 45 percent say disagreed with such an idea.

“Half of Americans believe President Biden should get impeached, and nearly as much believe Republicans will do it if they get back a majority in congress during the upcoming midterm elections,” states Rasmussen Reports.

“A fresh national survey by Rasmussen Reports has discovered that 50% of possible U.S. voters support the impeachment of Joe Biden, including 33% who say they Strongly Support it.”

Rasmussen says, “Forty-five percent are now against impeaching Joe Biden, with 33% saying they are Strongly Against it.”

Now for the kicker: Thirty-four of Dems support impeaching Joe Biden.

The numbers here are fascinating…. When these same people were asked if impeaching the former President Donald Trump twice was good or bad, only 36 percent stated it was a “good thing,” while 47 percent stated it was a “terrible thing.” What is more, only 56 percent of Dems believe it is a “good thing” to impeach Donald Trump.

When asked if the Republicans will go through with their impeachment if they win back the House during the midterms, 45 percent think it is likely, while 42 percent state otherwise.

Basically, and without lots of media dollars being used to frame him — which is what occurred to Donald Trump — Joe Biden’s impeachment polls are in line with Trump’s during the fake Ukraine Phone Call story.

But Joe Biden’s issues are all based on his real performance as president. Joe Biden’s issues are there despite billions spent to guard and prop him up. Joe Biden’s issues are really based on the state of the nation and his own choices as president, including breaking the Constitution. Let’s face it, Biden has not only openly broke the Constitution, but he has flagrantly ignored the laws about border security and among other things, allowed countless millions of unvaccinated people to invade our nation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire